Common Sense 2017


Active citizens need a place to work together for the benefit of the next generation. 

This e-Hive is not an e-book. It's 15 pages of short paragraphs supported by 35 key social media links and over 200 high def images. The hashtags create a discussion around American transformation and the digital coalition of Blue and Red communities. 

Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense 1776,  his idea used an old printer's process to drive the first national conversation, which rallied America for Independence. CommonSense2017 is the second National conversation, design to unite people around America Core Values and progress. 

CommonSense2017 covers many key issues. Hashtags allow you to engage in every topic, included are over 200 historical art images valued at $2000. It's custom-made to offer a single compelling visual story. 

Download and select an institution for a $5 donation. Pick-up a phone tell a friend.